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My First Visit To Dambai; But On A Fact Finding Mission

This Workers Day, May 1, 2017, I have been tasked by Awake Investigates to embark on a journey to Dambai in the Northern part of the Volta Region. Though the day was a holiday and I should have observed it as such, my boss insisted I have to embark on the journey that Monday since the principal party to the case under investigation had called that he will not be in his office at Dambai after May 1, 2017.

As enthusiastic as I am and the love of my job, I told my boss, I was ready for the journey.

“Man, then get prepared, draw your plan and the agenda for the journey….” – my boss said

‘YES Sir!’ I responded to my Boss.

I went to the drawing board to assess the risk of my travel and especially that of the case I am working on. Having outlined all risks, I mopped up a practical strategies to help get the job done no matter what.

“Boss, I am done” – I told him

“Great, good! With these, you are set to go” – my boss said

“Thank You Sir” – I replied

“Then I will leave Accra at 5am sir” – I added

“Sure! All the best on your first journey to Dambai” – My boss wished

…. Ho, Ho, Ho…. Hohoe, Hohoe, Hohoe ….. Aflao…. ,

It was dawn and I was at Madina Station. I jumped into Hohoe car, off! Am gone.

While, on the bus, I occasionally have an imaginative image of the road to Dambai and how the town looks like. I also imagined the stature of the person I am visiting.

Through Kpong, Atimpoku, Asekuma, Logba, Ve Golokiatsi, I arrived at Hohoe.

I pulled my yam phone, “puuuuunnnn, punnnnn, Hello, Sir. We just got to Hohoe” – I updated my boss.

“Great. Safe journey and remember the ethics of the job too” – My boss said

“Sure!, thanks. I will” – I replied

“….Nkwanta, Kpasa, Jasiken, Dambai”

“Yes, Dambai is my destination…” – I told myself and quickly jumped into the car with my bag at the back.

“Man, have your ticket” – the book man

I was the second to last and the car was set to go after 5 munites when I entered

After an hour, I had a call from the person I am going to. He wanted to find out if I will be able to make it.

“Sure, I will, sir. I am already some hours after Hohoe” – I replied

“Ok. I am waiting” – my host said

Soon, we got to Pai – Katanga….

“Driver, please stop. Let’s eat something” my travel mates appealed  as I told myself,

“Oh!, so apart from Katanga – the Greatest Hall on KNUST campus and Katanga Region in DR Congo, there is also another Katanga in this part of Ghana?” Wow! As I nodded

“Wagashie, Yes, I want wangashie! How much”

“50p per one, sir!” the hacker told me.

“Ok, give me two” – I replied

Two men from southern Volta like me who were both behind me and irritating us all with their loud conversations has gone out to eat too, but not returning…making us waste about 20 minutes at Katanga.

Soon, we got to Nkwanta junction – guess what I saw!

One of former President Mahama’s Community Day Schools – a very magnificent edifice glittering with a modern touch just by the road side.

Krachi East District Assembly….Oti Radio, Dambai. I pulled my yam phone again and called my host,

“I think we have entered Dambai township now…where should I alight?” – I asked

“Oh, good, will you go to his office straight” I was asked

“Sure, since it’s 3pm already” – I replied

“Then tell the driver you will alight at ‘WHO KNOWS JUNCTION’”

“Thanks so much and see you soon.”

I arrived at the premises of the principal actor of the case….

Kpukum, kpukum, kpukum – that was the sound of my heart beat just after I recalled what happened to me earlier this year on a fact finding mission to Mamfi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

From a distance I saw three men seated. I got closer and asked the direction to Mr. Asemasi’s office. They requested to know why I wanted to see him and if I know that day was a holiday.

“I had called him and he asked me to come, sir” – replied whiles my heart continue to beat….

“Then wait for him, he has gone home and will  be back soon” – the three men said

I pulled my yam phone and called , “Sir, I have arrived.”

“OK. I am coming. I waited for you and got tired” – he said

About 5munites, a man came and ask if I was the one and I nodded

“GOOD! You are welcome” – he said

“Thank You sir” – I replied

Terrified –!

The man pulled his phone….. puuunnn, puunnnn, puuunnn, hello? Hello?

“Yes, the guy has come. Please come” – the man said on his phone.

“Who is this man calling, what for, why….?” “Am finished today!” – as I recalled the Mamfi issue again.

A woman and three men came. The meeting started.

“Sir, my name is Diongodey Azambuja from Awake Africa” – I introduced myself

They did same and we started the discussion.

After close to 2hours, the meeting has ended and all is set for me to kick start my night operations.

And I visited the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th

“Are you sleeping over,” – one of the host said.

“No, madam” – I replied as she looks at her time and it was 8:30pm

I insisted I will go, declined a hotel and drop off to the lorry station offers.

I left, as she sees my back going….a strange man, on a strange land.

After 10munites walk, I stopped a motorcycle rider.

Please, take me to the nearest guest house….. totototo…..we have arrived at the Endless Guest House.

I pushed my hand into my pockets to pay for the motor service, but he decline. Meaning, he dropped me off for free. I had four other free dropped off by moto riders.

Night operations continue…..

And the following morning,…. I returned to the town under cover.…..and you know what?….

I found goats and ducks still in the town

In all, I returned to Accra safely on Wednesday 1am

Soon, I will bring you the “Goat and Duck Story”

For the reason why I went to Dambai, please, wait, I am yet to give a full report to my boss.

The Awake Investigate, is a team of investigative journalists working to expose all forms of corruption and injustice in all sectors in Ghana.

We are ready to take up the issues, investigate them and bring the facts to the public domain. We also champion reporting the issues to appropriate authorities for actions.

We make sure, perpetrators are brought to book and prosecuted.

You have any case to be investigated any where in Ghana? Please write to us senyo@awakeafrica.com or whatsApp: +233249144003. If you share in our vision, you can also donate to support our work. 

About Efo Korsi Senyo

Efo Korsi Senyo has over 4 years experience working as investigative journalist with Awake Africa. He is the Head of Awake Investigates. Connect with him via senyo@awakeafrica.com or WhatsApp: +233249155003

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