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Fear and Panic Grip Workers at Peduase Valley Resort

Editor’s Note: Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the previous Lebanese management team of Peduase Valley Resort was led by HUSSEIN SALAMEH and HUSSEIN FAKHRY but not Mr. Marco Secchi as stated earlier in the report.

Mr. Subh Ramchurn, General Manager, Peduase Valley Resort
Employees of Peduase Valley Resort have been gripped with fear and panic following threats to fire employees by Mr.
Subh Ramchurn, General Manager of the resort and director of the African Hospitality Concepts, a company registered in London with a share value of 100 Pounds, according to their latest filing with Company House, London.

Summary dismissal of an employee in the manner threatened by Mr. Ramchurn is prohibited by the Labour Act 651 of 2003 and a company may be sued or a petition filed against the company at the National Labour Commission for redress, according to two experts who are familiar with the labour laws of Ghana.

Awake Investigates learnt that the threat to fire employees have been made to employees across all sectors of staff since Mr. Ramchurn took over as the General Manager in May 2017 after coming on as a  consultant in March 2017. Mr. Ramchurn denied creating fear and panic among employees in a follow up interview with Awake Investigates.

However, employees that Awake Investigates spoke to at the Peduase Valley Resort who pleaded anonymity for fear of being fired by Mr. Ramchurn said he repeated the threats on Tuesday. Multiple sources stated that Mr. Ramchurn told employees that he would not mind firing the 110-staff and hiring an all new staff adding a safe caveat that if he received a customer complaint.

The Peduase Valley Resort opened for business in May last year and has been attracting guests to occupy the 38 guestrooms, an outdoor pool, health club and spa and rooftop terrace, among other services.

But beyond the glitz and lure of the resort which is located in close proximity to the Peduase Lodge, are continuing challenges that the resort faces, including management issues, low staff morale, payment of below standard salaries, and inability to pay recurring bills such as electricity with an outstanding electricity bill of more than 800,000 Ghana cedis.

The previous Lebanese management team led by Mr. Hussein Salameh and Hussein Fakhry, were replaced paving the way for Mr. Ramchurn, who initially came in as a consultant and later took over as the General Manager.

The African Hospitality Concepts (AHC) which was incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2010 presents itself as an African-friendly hospitality services provider with Mr. Ramchurn, a British of Indian descent as a director of the company as well as the lead consultant. Among the hotels it lists on its portfolio as having provided services to in Ghana are the African Regent Hotel and the Ridge Royal Hotel.

Awake Investigates continues at the Peduase Valley Resort.

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Awake Investigates | editor@awakeafrica.com

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