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Fake wheelchair operators exposed; dozens of chairs ceased at Abossey Okai Zongo

Adamu Alhassan, Chair, Disables Association in Abossey Okai Zongo

The diable leadership at Abossey Okai Zongo, a suburb of Accra has embarked on operation identify fake wheelchair operators this evening, February 5, 2018, to free the area of beggars.

Speaking to Awake News in an interview, Mr. Adamu Alhassan, the Chairman of Disabled Association in Abossey Okai Zongo said they have successfully ceased over twenty wheelchairs being used by what he described as “fake cripples” to beg for money on the streets.

According to him, over 70% of people confined to wheelchair around their area are not disabled but rather physically fit youth who fake their disability to help them beg on the streets.

The asked why Mr. Alhassan why needs to cease the wheelchairs, he said

“You know there are plenty people now in a wheelchair claiming to be crippled but in actual fact, they are not. People are gradually noticing them that they are not cripples hence both the real cripples and the fake cripples are being tagged as fake”

“In fact, this is not good for as the real cripples” – he added

Some of the ceased wheelchairs

Mr. Alhassan hinted his plan of burning the wheelchairs should the act persist in the area.

Awake Investigates has uncovered that the confinement to a wheelchair has become a business in the area as there are people who buy and rent the wheelchair to these fake disable persons to do business.

A resident who spoke to Awake Investigates’ Efo Korsi Senyo on condition of anonymity said:

“over here, the wheelchair has become a serious business. There are people who buy the chairs and there are people who fake to be crippled, the seat in the chairs, go to the streets to beg. In the evening, the operator of the wheelchair returns to make sales. The owner and the operator then share whatever revenue the operator made in the day 50/50”

More coming soon.

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Efo Korsi Senyo

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