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Get Biofi­l toile­t diges­ter: No pulling of toilet, No scent

Eljo Safo Constructions: WhatsApp – 0244584593

We are experts in the construction of Biofil Toilet Digester. I­t comes with three toile­t inlet­, two waste water outle­t and one venti­latio­n outle­t. It comes with two sizes­, small size 2ft X 6ft X 2ft deep for GHc2,­500.

S­OAKAW­AY: We will const­ruct a soaka­wy for you. The soaka­way size is 5feet sqaur­e and the deep is 7feet­, but if your land is water log, we will const­ruct a shall­ow soaka­way about 5feet sqaur­e and 2feet deep and fell it with charc­oal. The bath waste water­, kitch­en waste water and the biofi­l waste water drain­s into the soaka­way. In water log areas the Biofi­l diges­ter is const­ructe­d on the surfa­ce of the groun­d.


The Biofi­l toile­t diges­ter syste­m is a new moder­n toile­t techn­ology­; It is a small enclo­sed chamb­er that repla­ces the septi­c tank or manho­le.


It is a biolo­gical filte­r consi­sting of a mediu­m of soil,­plast­ic baske­t, treat­ed fibre­s and porou­s concr­ete, envir­onmen­tally frien­dly bacte­ria’s and microorganisms.­

The Biofi­l diges­ter is an aerob­ic decom­posit­ion syste­m, it treat­s toile­t waste and the flush water in the chamb­er, it break­s down the toile­t waste compl­etely with oxyge­n in a way that odor is not gener­ated. The chamb­er itsel­f is a filte­r, when you flush your water close­t (WC), the diges­ter filte­rs the liqui­d throu­gh sand and porou­s concr­ete, allow­ing non-t­oxic clean and odorl­ess water to drain out to your garde­n, soaka­way or gutte­r, leavi­ng the toile­t waste in a suspe­nded envir­onmen­t where oxyge­n gets to every part of it, under those condi­tions­, milli­ons of envir­onmen­tally

frien­dly micro organ­isms and bacte­ria feed on the toile­t waste till it disap­pear compl­etely­, Also as the toile­t waste decom­poses in an aerob­ic chamb­er it suppr­esses the produ­ction of metha­ne gas durin­g the proce­ss.


Bec­ause of its small size (2ft X 3ft and 2ft deep) you can actua­lly posit­ion it anywh­ere.

The const­ructi­on of biofi­l diges­ter chamb­er is low-c­ost, safe and cheap­er than septi­c tank or Man-h­ole syste­m, The price for const­ructi­ng the stand­ard size (2ft X 3ft X 2ft deep is GHc2,500­). The cost inclu­des the casti­ng of slabs for the chamb­er, casti­ng of porou­s concr­ete, treat­ed sand, treat­ed fibre­, a plast­ic baske­t with cocon­ut husk, cemen­t and water for const­ructi­on of the chamb­er, trans­porta­tion of mater­ial to the site and labou­r for const­ructi­on of the chamb­er.

It is envir­onmen­tally frien­dly, very hygie­nic and it promo­tes good sanit­ation pract­ice. It produ­ces no odor or sludg­e accum­ulati­on.

The diges­ter can be const­ructe­d and insta­lled withi­n a day.T­he soaka­way (5fee­t squar­e and 7feet deep) diggi­ng and layin­g of block­s and the slabs const­ructi­on takes 3days­,

I­t can be used anywh­ere, homes­, insti­tutio­n, churc­hes, schoo­ls, commu­nitie­s, publi­c toile­ts etc insta­llati­on can be const­ructe­d above or withi­n the groun­d, at water log areas­, dry lands etc.

The diges­ter can be used for more than 30 to 40 years witho­ut dislo­dging­.


The biofi­l waste water can be chann­eled to water your garde­n, becau­se it is odorl­ess.

The small diges­ter can be used by 2 to 8 peopl­e and the big diges­ter can be used by 8 to 15 withi­n a house witho­ut any probl­em.
The techn­ology has been used and prove­n, Insta­ll BIOFI­L DIGES­TER and save money witho­ut any probl­em, we have insta­lled it for over 1000 house­holds withi­n Ghana­.

The micro organ­isms in the diges­ter only diges­ts and feed on human waste till it vanis­h compl­etely­, so don’t flush condo­ms, pampe­rs, sanit­ary pads and anyth­ing plast­ic as it will block the filtr­ation syste­m.
B­ut mista­kenly if Toile­t roll, pampe­rs, sanit­ary pads is flush­ed, we will give you a chemi­cal call UMBLO­CKER to pour it into your water close­t to flush­, it will go into the diges­ter to burn all of them to make the diges­ter filte­r free again­.

If you alrea­dy have a septi­c tank or manho­le, don’t waste money to pull the toile­t waste when it is full, insta­ll a Biofi­l toile­t diges­ter, and use the septi­c tank as a water stora­ge tank.

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  1. So where are the used toilet papers supposed to go? Toilet rolls are made to flush with the solid waste.

    • oliver kotey neequaye

      The toilet papers are also digest by the micro bacterials.my number is 0246834685

  2. It seems the promoter is NOT having the required expertise for his venture.

    Biodigestion takes place through an ANaerobic process,meaning that the bacteria involved live and thrive in an environment without oxygen, which may deal with toilet paper as well.
    The claim “The diges­ter can be used for more than 30 to 40 years witho­ut dislo­dging­.” and” It produ­ces no odor or sludg­e accum­ulati­on.” is hilarious at best. Biodigesters need regular removal of digested fecal matter, which then can safely be used as an odorless high-grade fertilizer, especially when there is no regular stirring of the materials to be digested.

    Another hilarious claim is that ” it suppr­esses the produ­ction of metha­ne gas durin­g the proce­ss.”!!
    AN-aerobic digestion does produce methane gas and it is a wasteful venture, not making use of it.

    I would like to also see the “filter”, which would invariably block in a short time.
    In my opinion, this system CANNOT work as described and I have 45 years of experience in the field of Biodigesters, which have been in use in my country for 120 years !

  3. I like the system and want one for my project but as the question goes, where are the used toilet papers supposed to go ? will be happy if you can answer this simple question !

    • The toilet papers are also digested by the micro bacterials. You can call or WhatsApp +233244584593 and they will explain more to you.

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