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Divine Amaglo To Institute Mobile Health Screening Across Central Tongu Constituency

Aspiring Deputy Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress for Central Tongu Constituency, Mr. Divine Amaglo has hinted he as part of his plans to touch base with the grassroots of the will commerce Mobile Health Screening across all branches in the Central Tongu Constituency.

The premier health University of Volta Region, University of Health and Allied Sciences, UHAS in Ho established by the Act of Parliament during NDC regime product says he is keen on mobilizing the youth in

his constituency for victory 2020 fo the NDC.

Mr. Amaglo has a strong conviction that if the people in his community do not benefit from the knowledge and skills imparted in him by the university, then his education is useless. To him, it is, therefore, a way of giving back to the communities and he sees this as a responsibility of every young man and woman who had the benefit of getting formal education especially in a higher institution of study.

As part of Youth Agenda by Mr. Divine Amaglo for the youths of Central Tongu constituency, he has put measures in place to improve health status and mobilize youths for 2020 and beyond.

As stated in his slogan “REJUVENATION”, he has stated emphatically that he has the necessary strategies in place to revive the youth front.

The aim of this mobile health screening is to identify and alleviate Non Communicable diseases which for sometime now, are topping the charts of disease among adults.
The team would constitute medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, public health professionals in different fields to create awareness of some vital information on lifestyle modification and prevention of some conditions which are common nowadays. It is necessary to check one’s health vital signs especially blood pressure, blood sugar level in order to prevent hypertension, diabetes, stroke and the like.

He also assured that this exercise will be carried out using current and updated equipments such as body fat analyzer, electronic weighing scale, sphygmomanometer which are used for checking the fat contents in the body, the visceral fats, the muscle and body mass index.

With lifestyle modification, it is assured that majority of these people will either be free from developing Non-communicable diseases or it will improve the health of those who already have. To achieve this, there is focus on two key areas which are diet and physical activity. This will be mainly achieved through education and evidence-based counseling as well as periodic check ups.

Furthermore, there are plans in the offing to form keep fit clubs at every branch. This, he believes is also another way of bringing the youth together for victory.

Mr Amaglo is convinced that, to have a smooth running of these projects, the party structure must be made to work hence the branch youth organizers are going to be empowered to supervise the dream projects.

He hopes and knows these projects will unite and promote togetherness towards achieving goals.

According to the Deputy Youth Organiser hopeful, he based the projects on the theme, “HEALTHY LIVING PREREQUISITE FOR WINNING ELECTIONS “

Below are some of the extracts in his own words

I therefore agree to the saying in Latin “Mens sana in copore sano” which means a sound mind in a healthy body.

Everyone is Having some organizational skills and experience that can not be underestimated. I aim to coordinate diverse organizational skills and experience from everyone for achieving collective results.
Let’s all get involved in this projects for positive results individually and collectively.

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