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When A Disaster Occurs Close To Your Heart

By Korsi Senyo

I was at the office around 7pm when i heard a sound boom……and my ‘mason’ vibrated. I was wondering what had happened that generated that heavy sound.

About 10 minutes later I had a call from Nana Afia saying there was an explosion around Botwe. I quickly packaged my things and descending the stairs when I heard another sound….boom and the intensity was more than the first one. I was then running towards the mason’s gate

with fear that it was rather an earthquake.
I got out and started runing towards Botwe area. Nana Afia called again warning I should not come where they were and that people and rather runing from the source of the sound to their area and others towards my direction.
I saw people runing halter scelter towards the opposite direction saying it was a gas explosion at Atomic juntion….

Quickly, I picked my phone and do you know the first number I dialled? It was your number but unfortunately your phone was off. I then checked your last time on WhatsApp….I proceeded and called your Mom three time but she did not pick. I then called your Dad who picked but told me they did not hear of you that day. I told him about the incident and pleaded with him to call me back if he hears from you.

I was so scared and frightened with the a sole prayer that you were not close to the Atomic junction.
About 10 munutes later into my trauma and meeting how people were running and cars crashing into each other on the Botwe-Housing down road (Aviation Road) had a call from a strange number – it was your voice finding out if I was well I now return to my sense…..knowing well now that you are also okay…

After, I walked from housing down to Aviation park to meet Nana Afia and we both walked to Atomic junction to do coverage….i finally got to my temporary home around 12:30am and texted via SMS to inform you that i got home safely and hope you were safe too but I did not get any reply till date.

What we must learn from this short story……

No matter how offended you are by the actions or in actions of those who you truly love, you will always wish them good and wish to see them in better conditions each day even if you are separated by distance.

From the above story, you could feel that these are two people are lovers who by their own actions or inactions were seperated by distance but even more closer to each other in the heart and mind.

Imagine what they were both feeling when they were not hearing of each other and knowing their status of life….

If the salience from each party had persisted far into the accident moments, they would have both run to the disaster scene looking for each other and perhap run into each other there.

When you are in a relationship always try as much as possible to work on the little things that each other complains about but not say… that is how I am and I cannot change! – for, those little things if not attended to are the very things that will bring distance between the two of you even perhaps for ever!

Don’t take your partner for granted and over stretch them for far too long as a form of punishment and or thinking they will have the same strength to contain your those little things they always raise red flag on

Don’t expert your partner to change while you hold onto those same behaviours that hurt him/her so much. They might get broken down along the path beyond repairs.

Why don’t you both give yourselves another chance, forgive each other after both of you have hurt each other so much that you don’t just want to see each other again meanwhile your hearts connect to each and every passing moment.

About Efo Korsi Senyo

Efo Korsi Senyo has over 4 years experience working as investigative journalist with Awake Africa. He is the Head of Awake Investigates. Connect with him via senyo@awakeafrica.com or WhatsApp: +233249155003

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