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David Vondee Supports Twifo Praso Senior High School

Mr. David Vondee

Education all over the world is unquestionably said to be the foundation of every society and spearheads the development of every country.

Education liberates people, empowers them and ultimately helps people especially the vulnerable and less privileged fight poverty. It is that which helps people understand the world around them and illuminates every aspect of their lives.

In a bid to make sure that individuals especially the vulnerable, less privileged and the youth understand and enjoy all the life-transforming benefits of education as stated above, Mr. Vondee – an Accra based Businessman and Philanthropist is breaking grounds and building a strong foundation to support the youth especially in education as this is the single most important tool that they need to make life fulfilling and worth living.

As a philanthropist and a motivational speaker, Mr. Vondee is of the strongest conviction that the dividends from business should not only go into the expansion of existing businesses and the creation of new ones but should also be strategically invested in supporting the quality of essential social services such as education, health, security and the like. Mr. Vondee has over the years been noted for his unflinching love and support for education and the development of the youth as the future leaders of any society – shaping and guiding the course of meaningful and impactful development.

To achieve this vision, Mr. Vondee has taken an audacious and pragmatic step; the establishment of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called David Vondee Institute (DVI). Through this vehicle, Mr. Vondee fervently hopes his vision of supporting quality education and youth development, stretching the tentacles of aid to the needy and ultimately supporting the developmental agenda of the country will be fully and satisfactorily achieved.

To walk the talk and practically demonstrate his strong resolve to support quality education in the country, Mr. David Vondee on Friday the 16th of February 2018, paid a warm visit to the students, teachers and the entire staff of Twifo Praso Senior High School.

Mr. Vondee for and on behalf of the David Vondee Institute donated 4 footballs and two sets of jerseys to the school with the cardinal aim of supporting sporting activities in the school. From his perspective, for the overall goal of education to be achieved, education should not only be seen as the development of the analytical part of the individual but also the identification and development of sporting and other creative talents in the individual. This to him is what has informed his decision to support the school in the area of sports. In his response for further assistance to the school by the sports master, Mr. Vondee as a Philanthropist as he is known to be pledged to provide running verses for all the houses of the school.

In the area of teaching and learning, Mr. Vondee through the DVI and with collaboration with the teachers is organizing free extra classes in three of the core subjects – English, Mathematics and Integrated Science. He admonished the students to take advantage of this opportunity and arm themselves with all the understanding and skills needed to excel in the external examination.

By way of showing appreciation, Mr. Dominic Yaw Kontoh the Assistant Headmaster of the school commended DVI and its found Mr. David Vondee for the kind gesture.

To the assistant headmaster, the institute has helped the school to respond to a real challenge that has been a millstone around the neck of the management of the school. This has kind gesture has taken the burden off the shoulders of the teachers and parents as well.
In addition, as part of his strategy to support education at all levels of education and giving back to society, Mr. Vondee donated 20bags of cement to DC Primary School at [Please insert town in which the school is located] as a resounding response to a request made by the school for support towards renovation works of the school.

Clearly from the above, by strategy and action one can see and be absolutely certain that Mr. David Vondee is relentlessly committed to the cardinal aim of supporting quality education and youth development, supporting the needy, vulnerable, less privileged and marginalized in society and ultimately contributing to the national effort of developing a strong nation based on the solid asset of quality human capital.

Beyond Twifo Praso Senior High School and DC Primary School, Mr. Vondee plans to replicate this effort in other parts of the country. With the likes of Mr Vondee and his efforts, education in Ghana can only get better.

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