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Iddi Muhayu-Deen writes…

An innocent young man has been murdered. He was a military officer, who had risen to the rank of Captain. He held a Master’s Degree and so, could have been working in any of the luxurious institutions and earning thousands of Ghana cedis monthly. But he said NO. He chose to be a soldier in order to protect you and I. He chose to sacrifice his luxury for our safety and comfort. And what did he get in return? He got beaten and killed by the very people whom he chose to protect.

He was actually lynched and burnt beyond recognition. “Subhanallahi!”.

This is the height of barbarism, which I thought only happens in American movies. This innocent man lost his precious life because he had chosen to fight and protect our natural resources for the next generation and posterity. He was killed because he had chosen to fight galamsey. It could have been you. It could have been me. He essentially sacrificed his life for the love of his country. That is the sad story of Late Captain Adam Mahama of the Ghana Armed Forces.

He died and left behind his beautiful wife and two children. His family members are in serious grief for this incalculable and lugubrious loss. Members of the Ghana Armed Forces are in serious grief. The whole nation is in serious grief. And what do our politicians do? The NPP issues a statement which was signed by the party’s acting General Secretary (John Boadu), condemning this dastardly act, whilst commiserating with all.

The NDC on the other hand, issues a statement, which was also signed by the party’s General Secretary (Asiedu Nketia). Interestingly, in the NDC’s statement, they are telling us to blame President Akufo-Addo for the murder of the military captain. And they proceed to call on the President to RESIGN because somebody has been lynched somewhere. And I guess when he resigns, their “darling John Mahama” will be, for the 3rd time, sworn-in the next day as our new President since that’s all that matters to them.

Regrettably, that’s the approach the NDC chose to take. To play politics with the death of a fellow human. The last time I checked, even animals have RESPECT for the dead but of course, the NDC doesn’t, at least, per their latest position. The party has absolutely no regard for the painful feeling of the poor widow, the bereaved family and well-meaning citizens including the Ghana Armed Forces. They do not value human life and the lack of it. I honestly thought the NDC was only incompetent and somewhat insensitive. But I didn’t know that their INSENSITIVITY has become this LEGENDARY. Cry oh my beloved country!

If I were to play their kind of dirty game, then I would list all the instances of MOB JUSTICE during their tenure. When I went through my archives, I counted not less than 10 of such happenings when His Excellency John Mahama was the President. So I guess, per the NDC’s logic, President Mahama ought to have RESIGNED as many as 10 times or more. But I am not like them, so I won’t do that. I value human life. I am not petty. I would spare you with that ugly spectacle, for the sake of this Holy Month. If I did that, my mother would NOT be proud of me. My mentors would not be proud of me either.

Even with this write-up, I did it quite reluctantly. I feel sorry for myself and others for eating back my PROMISE of NOT commenting on any issue (political or otherwise) in this Holy Month of RAMADAN for obvious reasons. I just couldn’t sit unconcerned whilst I see my country being DESTROYED by Asiedu Nketia and his cohorts. Silence is NOT an option for me when EVIL is being perpetuated in my country. I CANNOT be a spectator in my country. I don’t know about you, but that is who I am. I only hope that I don’t get tempted again. And I pray Almighty ALLAH forgives all of us. May the gentle soul of Adam Mahama rest in perfect peace ????????????

Assalamu alaikum

Iddi Muhayu-Deen

About Efo Korsi Senyo | Executive Editor

Efo Korsi Senyo has over 5 years experience working as an investigative journalist with Awake Africa. He is the Executive Editor of Awake Newspaper and Head of Awake Investigates. Efo does not only investigate and publish based on the journalism profession ethics but he also brings legal and civil actions against personalities and institutions he investigated. He said fighting against injustice and corruption in society as the only way for him to avenge injustice and corrupt acts he and other vulnerable people faced and continue to face in society. Efo is also a private investigator, IT expert and entrepreneur. Connect with him via senyo@awakeafrica.com or WhatsApp: +233249155003

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