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Why You Should Consider Poultry Production As A Viable Business To Invest In

“On the average, each broiler farm earned a gross profit of GHS 13,535 in 2015” ~Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Support Services (METSS II), USAID

At the top of every investor’s criteria for selection is the sustainability of the business. Poultry production has over the years been a constant source of income for rural and urban farmers; with products ranging from broiler meat, layers, eggs to turkey meat.

Poultry still remains the largest source of protein in most African homes making it an industry worth exploring and investing in. Albeit the steady increase in demand for high quality locally bred poultry and poultry products, local producers do not supply more than a quarter of

the local demand. A majority of the poultry we consume in Ghana is imported.

“Post estimates that Ghana’s 2017 broiler meat production will reach 35,000 tons, supplying less than 25 percent of demand. Imports are expected to increase by 14,000 tons to 158,000 tons due to insufficient domestic supply and rising demand. U.S. poultry meat exports to Ghana hold over 35 percent market share.”

2017 Ghana Poultry Report Annual, USDA Foreign Agriculture Service.

“A single layer of the right breed can produce up to 300 – 450 eggs in her productive lifetime if the proper management, feeding and disease prevention practices are undertaken.” ~ Small Starter.Com

With relatively high returns on investment coupled with the increasing demand for poultry, how can you get insight into the poultry production and start your own poultry farm or invest in existing ones?

AGRIPRO, an agribusiness agency that provides financing and business development for agribusinesses across Africa and BK FARMS are organising a 2 day workshop on rearing poultry, scheduled for 10th and 17th March 2018.


  • Funding and financing options/ opportunities
  • Farm management: breeding, ration & feeding, managing pests and diseases, vaccination, housing, farm layouts and labour requirements
  • Bookkeeping and income projections
  • Marketing
  • Value addition
  • Investing in Poultry Production

 Each module involves hands-on farm activities for a proper understanding of the topic. An experienced facilitator with 8000 birds and 7 years of experience.


200 GHC workshop fee includes light refreshment & transportation to the practical demonstration site

DATE: Saturday, March 10 & 17, 2018

VENUE: THE CAREER HUB, ADENTA (opposite the Bond’s Square Gym, right turn before the Adenta Barrier)


Applicable to many types and scales of farming—from backyard poultry rearing to larger scale farm or livestock operations.

  1. Anyone looking to start a poultry farm
  2. Anyone interested in investing in poultry farms
  3. Anyone looking to scale their poultry business


To register visit www.agriprohub.com/poultry  or call: 0202729121, 0277667561 or email:grindstone@agriprohub.com

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