Climate change has become the heartbeat of every nation. It is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity currently and not to talk of it, it has become the pressing responsibility of my community, as well as giving assistance to global weather extremist such as flooding, drought and among others. The United Nation Framework  Conversation on

Climate Change defines it as “a change of climate that is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity altering the composition of the global atmosphere.”

Even though some gasses that cause climate change occur naturally and their occurrence cannot be predicted to talk of combatting it before it gets out of hands, climate change is a human-caused phenomenon due to increase in carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere. The primary factor is the massive burning of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and these emit Carbon dioxide and this adds up to those naturally occurring in the atmosphere, increasing global warming and greenhouse effect. Not to talk of that alone, some residents in my community practice deforestation and this causes the trees that help reduce climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to rather release carbon dioxide and increase greenhouse after being cut down.

Bad farming practices like slash and burning method, overgrazing, chemical farming among others are a contributory factor to climate change in my area. This has resulted in bad weather condition and change in raining partner.

It is getting out of hand in my community because, in reality, it causes an increase in both the number and ferocity of floods, drought among others. Flood cause displacement of people and destroys millions of people and properties. An example was the flood incidence of the Birim River destroying vicinities around it like the old town of Akim Oda at the Eastern Regional part of Ghana.

Aside the floods, the lakes in my community are gradually shrinking and an example in the Eastern Region is the “Kasawere” river and “ Apetesu” river in Akim Oda at the Eastern part of Ghana. This is making a lot of people in my community migrate to other places and this is causing population density in some parts of Ghana which is very appalling.

Agricultural output is also decreasing due to climate change. The harmful gasses destroy the crops before they even yield and this is very pathetic since hunger has become rampant in my community of late. Extinction of species is also another major problem since humans have ways to adapt to the effects of climate change but animals do not. The spread of disease and food poisoning in my community as a result of climate change is nothing to write home about and this is breathing taking. Diseases spread fast due to increase in temperature. Even though the spread of disease and food poisoning is the least known effect of climate change in my community, the spread of one disease (malaria) can kill millions of people with just the twinkle of an eye so no problem is to be underrated due to the drawing of wrong conclusions. Climate change is causing a lot of harm to the natives of my community and as a young problem solver, these are some suggested ways to combat it.

To be able to reduce climate change, government interference is highly needed as the U.S.A. has begun to curb it through the Environmental Protection Agency. We cannot live with the carbon emissions.The problem of the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and reduction of livestock rearing can all be solved if the government help implements policies like the carbon tax and among others. Carbon pricing can also be used as the European Union has long led the way and this has gone a long way to help them. Education of the people is another key point here. If larger people realise climate change as a major problem and can work together as a team to eliminate it, it makes its reduction easier and quicker. It’s just a matter of coming to a consensus to stop it. The usage of social media becomes important only when it concentrates on giving correct information of climate change to the people and this is to be done by the people themselves as well as the reduction of this problem is concerned. The demanding of climate policy since climate change is the gravest threat humans currently face, our voting for our political leaders must be based on our policy makers being much concerned about the elimination of climate change and their ability to make policies and above all, making it their priority. This can be done by writing to them or signing petitions to make our policymakers aware our vote is contingent on their support for eliminating climate change.

There is no doubt that climate change will change our climate in few years to come. The government policies must, therefore, pin all our hopes on climate change and we the people must be prepared to adapt to it. This will go a long way to reduce government cost and the money could be used in other areas to develop the nation. So now the question is, what are we waiting for as a nation since we have been enlightened on the causes, effect and solutions to climate change? How to eliminate climate change must be the world’s priority.






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