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Chamba-Salaga road to be cut off during this rainy season

A portion of the road linking Chamba to Salaga in the Northern Region will soon be cut off, meaning the commuters and passengers cannot pass through the road to their destinations.

Avery deep  life-threatening pot hole has developed on the road near a bridge between Chamba and Gungumpa (the home town of the Member of Parliament for the area and the current Minister of Defense) off to Salaga.

The Reporter, Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba, noticed the situation last two months and thought it could be worked on since there are leaders overseeing those problems but nothing has been done on it,

the reporter on second visit to the place on Sunday June 11, 2017 realized that the hole has become extended and eating deep into the entire road and if not worked on as soon as possible, the road will be cut off affecting the transportation from Bimbilla through  Chamba to Salaga, Tamale and Yeji.

Bimbilla –Chamba-salaga road is an important business road since it leads to River Volta at Yeji to Kumasi, the same road can be used to Tamale where business people use to Chamba to buy yams at the yam market.

The reporter through interactions with the Member of Parliament for the area prior to 2016 elections revealed that the road was awarded on contract to Ibrahim Mahama since early part of 2016. However, the said road is yet to be completed though the work has begun from Salaga towards Bimbilla early part of last year.

Leaders are elected to make sure the problems at their vicinity are reported for action but it looks like the assembly members, unit committee members, members of parliament, and the District chief executives often than not over look at the physical development problems of their areas.

Residents, are calling on the District Chief Executive for Nanumba North District Assembly, the Member of Parliament for Bimbilla Constituency and other concerned citizens to address this issue before it claims lives. Ourleaders need to show leadership in addressing the problems affecting the ruled.

Report by  Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba for Awake News

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