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Chamba-Kimoateek D/A Primary School In A Deplorable State; Pupils Study Under Bad Conditions

Pupils forced to have lessons under trees. Picture Credit: Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba, 8/06/2017.
Kimoateek D/A Primary School in Chamba in the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region is in a deplorable state as the classroom blocks are not in good condition, making the pupils to study under bad weather conditions.

The school currently has pupils’ population of over seven hundred (700) in the school’s register but due to these deplorable conditions, most of the pupils absent themselves from the school.

As at the time the Reporter, Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba got to the school premises, the pupils present were less than one hundred. The reporter in his interaction with the headmaster of the School Mr. Nassam Fusheini, revealed that, the school since 1999 had its first three unit classroom block which has not been completed and has been in use since then till date.

Teacher’s table. Picture Credit: Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba -8/06/2016 at 11:30 AM

The reporter saw for himself the wretched floor inside the classrooms without a teacher’s chair, only a broken table was seen with books on it.

According to the headmaster of the school, the other four unit block was constructed years ago by the Member of Parliament for Bimbilla Constituency but  has also been stripped naked by the rain storms since April  this year and has not been re-roofed compelling them to hold lessons under trees.

When the reporter got to the school, some pupils were in the partly roofed classroom (other side unroofed by rain storm) with sun rays scorching on the other side compelling pupils to confine themselves to one side of the classroom block during lessons.

The reporter again asked the school headmaster whether he has reported the situation to the higher authority for actions to be taken?, he responded in affirmative, saying, the District Chief Executive and the District Office of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) paid a visit to the school to ascertain the situation but they are yet to receive any assistance from them.

Photo By: Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba

He also responded to a question posted by the reporter, why some pupils were studying under a tree with some seated on broken desks? saying that, the classroom blocks destroyed by the rain storm are not in good shape for teaching and learning since sun rays penetrate through the classroom block scorching on them.

Whiles other old 3-unit classroom block’s floors developed cracks and pot holes thereby dirtying pupils uniforms and books, hence the under tree lessons. He was quick to add that, the school needs more black boards for under the trees lessons until the unroofed classroom blocks are re-roofed and or/renovated.

Pupils seated where they can find shade: Photo by Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba
The destroyed classed room by rain storms

Mr. Fusheini lamented on a massive pupil absenteeism especially in farming seasons where some parents prefer sending their wards to farm rather than to school. He said this is affecting the school and could jeopardize the future of those pupils. He worried headmaster further called on parents to desist from this act to allow the pupils access quality education in order to become responsible citizens for mother Ghana.

He conclusively called on the stake holders of education, the member of parliament for the area, the District Chief Executive and Non-Governmental Organizations to come to their aid to reverse this situation of the School by acting on time.

Report by: Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba, Chamba-Bimbilla

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