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Blame Zoomlion For Ghana’s Sanitation Problem – Minister

The Chief Executive Officer of Zoomlion, a waste management company, Joseph Siaw Agyapong, has revealed that his organization has succeeded in cleaning the filth that has engulfed the country.

Speaking at a forum, he said his company’s mission of getting rid of filth is yielding positive results as the streets are clean.

He noted that comparing Ghana to other countries especially the Gambia, there is a clear indication that Ghana is clean as other countries are nowhere near the successes of Ghana. “When you look on the streets now, everywhere is clean, everywhere is neat. Sometimes do the benchmark with other countries that you have visited. I have visited some countries and I think we are doing well even though we are not there yet, we are doing well,” he added.

According to Mr. Agyapong, the Zoomlion teams do as is expected of them on daily basis.

Joseph Siaw Agyapong’s remark was in response to the Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda’s accusation that Zoomlion has failed to live up to its obligation.

The Minister blamed the waste management service provider for the filth which has engulfed the entire country. He indicated that he was disappointed about how the country has been submerged with filth saying “I will blame it squarely on Zoomlion”.

The minister who is under pressure to live up to public expectation believes Zoomlion has not lived up to its duties. “We generate waste every day, so must we sweep every day. We ought to sweep, collect transport and dispose of every day. I don’t think for the past year or so Zoomlion has done so well on that”, he said.

He said the Ministry, together, with the Youth Employment Agency, would review their arrangements with Zoomlion to ensure that the Assemblies have control over the sanitation workers and take charge of the cleanliness of their localities.

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