Ascending from the north of the Mediterranean sea sits Africa

The home of the blacks stretches deeply into the Atlantic Ocean

Advancing toward the east, breed the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean

Change and openings dwell ideal in the ocean

Virgin timberlands and fruitful land enriched Africa

The full utilization of endowed resources lies in the psyche of the black man

Neediness and copiousness are the outcomes of how you think black man


The black man must locate the key in producing to consume

The key that prioritizes planning, excellent leadership and hard work over begging

Why keep begging the trashy black man when all men are created equal?

The missing key got the advancement to champion the change and independence

Search and locate the missing key now!

The sea is excessively limited, making it impossible to conceal the key of expectations

No, the black man must oppose the odds and move quickly the sea of transformation

Utilize your creative and entrepreneurial eyes to get the key to freedom


Gracious, the black man must unite to reclaim and redeem Africa

The black man must grow his fantasies to create the new Africa

The black man must lead to provide for survival

Stand up for the mantle of value initiatives black man

How about we reexamine the mission and vision black man

The fast-growing population, thier youngsters and unborn rely on  you black man

Admirably utilize the expertise black man and build vibrant foundations of trust and integrity

The black man must get the missing key to construct his own George Town and London school of solutions and productivity


Who will find the missing key?

Sitting, talking and dozing can’t locate the key

Bulky theories and empty rhetorics can’t produce the key

The genuine liberation and recovery of Africa relies upon the key

The inventive patriot must move and snatch the missing key

The missing key is simply underneath the next stride of an honest nationalist

Behold! The African mainland must ascent with the black man

Yes! Just the black man has the correct key to move Africa

Samuel Saah Karimu is a youthful globally prepared Liberian writer, researcher and certified public discussant with background in Business Economics, Financial and Project Managements and Quantitative reasoning blended with quality business communications and problem solving skills. Hold training in development studies, Management Information System and Forensic Investigation. Worked with the private sector on a private-public partnership mainly design for strengthening rural-health system in Liberia.

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  1. Thanks for the timely publication. Appreciate with regards as we.jointly shift the destiny of our continent, Africa.

  2. The missing key is right under the feet of the very African expected to stimulate growth and development in Africa.

    • Samuel Saah Karimu

      Mr. Billy, thanks for the synopsis. Certainly, you’ve summarized the core of the poem locating the missing key.

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