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Bagbin writes….Fallouts From President’s One Year Media Encounter; Can The Centre Hold?

Bagbin Mpondan

The struggles of the social forces in Ghana for democracy and national sovereignty can never have a true meaning until the leadership of the country learns to eschew populist propaganda, lies, deceit and treat the ordinary Ghanaian with respect.

The Nana Addo/Bawumia government won a landslide victory in the 2016 elections with a myriad of promises to make Ghana a better place but one year into the NPP government what do we see with the President’s encounter with the press to give the highlights of his


The Chairman of the GETFUND Contractors Association told Citifm news this evening that contractors who worked on GETFUND Projects since July 2016 have not been paid yet the President insists that the government has cleared those debts. If indeed the debts have been cleared who are those who received the payments.

The government again claims to have cleared part of the debts owed road contractors but checks reveal that those claims are false. The repeated lies of the President and his Vice President is paving way for creditors to put undue pressure on these innocent contractors thinking that they have funds to pay them.

The President came to power with a manifesto titled an AGENDA FOR JOBS and one year on the President is asked a question on how many jobs his government has created both Direct, Indirect or otherwise and the President seems to have no clue or idea about the number of jobs he has created. Again the president has no idea of the current unemployment status in the country.

President Akuffo Addo today actually told Ghanaians that it is not his duty/responsibility as president to fight corruption at the Sports Ministry and the Ghana Football Association (GFA). Big question.. Is that an indirect way of the President’s endorsement of corruption at the GFA and the Sports Ministry. Countryman Songo, am sorry you didn’t get a satisfactory answer to your question, l know you were disappointed but such is life.

One year on the President who in opposition campaigned on a mantra of INCORRUPTIBILITY is today describing the allegations of corruption in the NPP government as IRRESPONSIBLE what an irony!! The president goes ahead to ask Ghanaians to submit evidence of corruption by his appointees before they are prosecuted.

The most worrying aspect is the President is able to tell the outcome of the bipartisan committee set up to investigate the Cash for Seat Scandal even before the committee finishes its work. In fact, the President believes nothing untoward was done in the Cash for Seat Scandal, is our president now a judge?

Indeed talk is cheap after telling Ghanaians that the GITMO2 detainees would be sent back to their respective countries if the NPP wins the 2016 elections, the president seems not to have any concrete plans about the GITMO2 detainees even though their official staying period had expired. Mr President are you really in charge of Ghana??

One year on the only solution the Akuffo Addo government can initiate to solve the Agogo- Fulani herdsmen menace is to ask the chief of defense staff to declare operation Cow-Leg for the military and the police to shoot and kill innocent cattle. Reports from the media and security analyst indicate that over 200 cattle have been shot dead in the Agogo area.

One year on the President is not aware of the progress of the Planting for food and jobs and also the progress of the so much touted Ghana digital address system, Ghana card and the numerous paperless systems thanks to Bernard Avle of Citifm for the exposé.

One year on Akuffo Addo still thinks his appointment of a MOB of 110 ministers is justifiable. Well, l will leave that to Ghanaians because obviously some of your ministers Mr president have never been seen nor heard since their appointment.

Mr president in case you are not aware which is usual if you are your mob of 110 ministers a gallon of petrol which was sold for GHc16 is sold today at GH 22 or Ghc24 depending on where you are buying.

Mr president cost of living and the general standard of living is still too high. Ghanaian is still very much SUFFERING Mr Bawumia.

Let me conclude by extending my gratitude to all the members of the Ink fraternity who went there to ask Genuine questions…we salute you and to those who went there to praise the President TIME is our Best Judge.

Truth Stands
Long live Ghana

Bagbin Mpondan
Youth Activist
Kintampo South

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