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Ayine vrs. Amidu: an opportunity to test the law; not for propaganda – Jamal Konneh

Mr. Jamal Konneh, NDC Eastern Regional Communications Officer

The Eastern Regional Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Jamal Konneh said the writ filed at the Supreme Court by Dr. Dominic Ayine challenging the nomination of Mr. Martin Amidu should purely be seen as an opportunity to test the law but not for propaganda.

“Sitting from afar, I see the case between the two great lawyers as an opportunity to test the law but the NPP will also grab the opportunity to play propaganda with the suit and they will do this propaganda with the support from a section of the media” Mr. Konneh said.

In an article entitledDominic Ayine v. Martin Amidu; The Law Against Propaganda“, he bemoans the situation where some political parties in the name of free speech will deliberately throw propaganda to discredit the hard efforts of some citizens who are trying to exercise their democrat rights in testing the laws of the land.

“As someone is democratically trying hard to test the law, the other party’s strategy is to throw propaganda to survive in the name of freedom of speech” – He said

Mr. Konneh noted that “where you have the right to move freely as enshrined in the constitution, the same constitution empowers a superior body or persons to restrict your movement”.

He also slams sections of the media which he says are supporters of the ruling NPP that instead of educating Ghanaians on the essence of the suit, they will rather choose to misinformed the public by dragging the NDC in the issue.

“….majority of the headlines will be… “NDC runs away from Martin Amidu”…. ” Martin Amidu, the man NDC fears”……. Meanwhile, the NDC has not filed any case against Martin Amidu, it’s an individual [Dr. Dominic Ayine] who has the right to sue exercising his constitutional rights. But because of misinformation and propaganda, NDC will be dragged in” – he cries

“In a landmark case such as this, the citizens need to be educated on the essence of the suit. But the NPP with the support of their media will report the news as if the plaintiff is running away from something.” he added.

Mr. Martin Amidu, a member of NDC and former Attorney General was nominated by President Nana Akuffo-Addo to occupy the position of the newly created Officer of the Special Prosecutor. But before his vetting commerces today by parliament, an NDC MP,  Dr. Dominic Ayine filed a writ at the Supreme Court praying the court to declare Mr. Amidu as not fit for position citing his age as the basis.

Dr. Ayine argues that the nominee (Martin Amidu) is nominated at age 66 to hold a Public Office (Special Prosecutor)  for the next seven years and to enjoy terms and conditions of judges of Court of Appeal who retire at age 70.

He further stated that, in the case of Mr. Amidu, if his nomination is approved at age 66, he will be 73 years whiles leaving office instead of  70years hence he should be disqualified.

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Efo Korsi Senyo

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