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Awake News Boss writes love letter to MzVee over her latest song


Investigative Journalist and civil rights activist, Efo Korsi Senyo has declared his love for Ghana’s dancehall queen, MzVee born Vera Bubune Hamenoo-Kpeda in touching a one-page letter.

Mr. Senyo’s open declaration on his affection of the Afropop singer is following the latest song released she – MzVee entitled “Come And See My Moda”.

According to the pan-Africanist “the messages, the song carries and the pictorial representation emanating from your [MzVee] dressing and your home really push me to write this little piece to openly declare my love for you, your choice of dressing and your music.”

Taken some line from song and making them his own, Mr. Senyo said”

“I am really in love with you and I have to hurry up to come quickly to see your mother before someone else does. I will not be able to contain the pain and physiological trauma if someone else takes you away from me because you are the woman of high quality who wants not my money.” – Mr. Senyo said in his letter

“The way you dressed in African prints, your politeness and your insistence that I must see your mother first made me convinced that if I bypass you, I will never get your type again”

“MzVee, I am not like that ‘Oga landlord’ who changes women like his cloth who is not even ready to follow Yemi Alade to Nigeria and see her mother first. Please, I am coming”

Mr. Senyo has since hinted that Awake Africa will select the song in Africa Song of the Year category in the yet to be announced Awake Africa Music Awards 2018.

Here is the song that caught the attention Efo:

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Daavi Eli

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