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Apostle Opoku Onyinah Condemns Doom Prophecies

Apostle Dr. Opoku-Onyinah, Chairman, Church of Pentecost

Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Opoku Onyinah has condemned a growing tendency of some ‘prophets’ who go public with doom prophecies.

He said it is needless and wrong to stand in public to relay what one believes to be a message from God which could spell grave danger to the

object of the message.

His comments follow a number of claims by prophets who said they predicted the death of the rising 20-year old music star Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng popularly known as Ebony Reigns while some also claim to know who killed Ebony who died in a car crash last week.

The revelations and declarations have provoked various controversies over what some see as a fame-seeking opportunity by men of God.

Explaining the subject of prophecy, the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost said in an interview that there are two types of prophecies – conditional and certain. He said God can reveal impending danger or disaster if a person or a nation continues to live in sin. This type requires that a person repents and changes some habits or behaviour. But God can also make decrees which are certain to happen without any condition.

Apostle Opoku Onyinah said standing in public to deliver death or doom messages about people, could open up the person to criminals who could take advantage of the message to perpetuate their own evil agenda. He said the proper steps to take when one receives a divine revelation is to relay the message to its intended target and help the person in prayer. Even when revealing these uncomfortable messages, one requires wisdom so as not to create panic.

The Pentecostal leader said it could be a futile exercise to attribute a person’s death to some behaviour because God works in mysterious ways.

He described some of these prophecies as ‘trial-and-error’ prophecies in which death is predicted to happen to some prominent or popular people in society. This is because there are so many artistes, pastors, politicians, and chiefs and if any of them dies, it should not be surprising.

He was of the view that only a love for worldly fame would inspire a person to go public with a serious revelation about the death about an individual.

He urged those who believe to have the gift of prophecy to be humble and not seek for fame because all glory belongs to God. He expressed worry about the emergence of fake prophets and urged Christians to focus on God and not look around for prophecies or look to prophets for help.

“Every good thing has a counterfeit. Many of these prophets are looking to make money from vulnerable Christians.” He said

Source: AwakeAfrica.com

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