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Agbamevorza is on a different level

About 5 years now, I have been engaged in media reportage and hosting of events across the Volta region, thus far, I’ve travelled extensively across the region.

In my travels, I have attended a number of functions either as a

journalist or probably on a mere invitation. But the travels that I love most are attending festivals. For this reason, I have been to Anloga for Hogbetsotso, Dzodze for Deza, Ave for Ave Bliza, Ziope for Agbleza, the Apenoto of the Mepe/Tongu people and my own Asogli Yam festival of the Asogli’s in Ho.

Up North, I’ve witnessed Dayibakaka, Gbi, and many others. These are festivals crafted out of unique and relevant stories of the past. Usually, the organization, carefully chosen words (theme) is the magic to luring people from near and far. Indeed, these aspects of the celebrations serve a greater impact on the indigenous people and to a large extent, people from far.

These festivals uphold the African culture and exhibit it in a grand style in diverse ways -this I have always loved. The festivals tell the African story the African way and showcase to the outside world artifacts, our crafts and trades in an immeasurable way.

Unfortunately, I have always missed one particular festival. That is the Agbamevorza (Kente festival) of the Agotime people. The festival is celebrated to showcase the unique, beautiful Kente fabric of the people. When people celebrate Agbleza, Bliza, Rice and other Agro-based festivals, the Agotimes celebrate the Kente craft. A vocation that has caught the eyes of many here in Ghana and in the diaspora.

It is a holy truth that most of the designs found in the big markets of Kejetia and Bantama originate from Agotime. They are just not ‘ordinary designs’ as Hon. Charles Agbeve would put it.

My failure to attend this international festival, is mostly for unexplainable reasons, or perhaps I have simply not had an invitation to attend. Nonetheless, I have always followed the feed from the durbar on radio.

In most cases, I have felt I was missing something. Thus last year 2017, I had myself laced up to attend the Agbamevorza at Kpetoe. I wanted to feel the euphoria and ecstasy that accompanies the celebration. Unfortunately, my hope was dashed when the durbar was called off for reasons best known to the Agotime people. When I got the news, I cursed the stars and anything that might have caused the cancellation.

However, my hopes would soon see the light of day. A few days ago, I had the invitation to attend the launch of the Agbamevorza at Kpetoe. In fact, I felt it was the final chance to have a feel of the much-touted Kente showpiece. I could not hold my breath for Saturday 18th; the day of the launch.

Saturday finally arrived and dressed up casually for the launch. I arrived at Kpetoe earliest by 11am. The venue for the event was empty, so I thought the day was going to be another bad one but an hour later, things started taking a different trend. Canopies were erected, beautiful Kente cloths were used to decorate the whole place and the town folks started trooping to the ground. Then, my hopes came up again.

About 2:30pm, the whole ground was filled up. The was enough sound -music, to spice up the event. Borborbor groups were up in arms, a brass band present with fine melodies of contemporary African tunes. The whole Kente Village at Kpetoe was coloured with beautiful Kente designs worn by the people on the ground.

We had the media briefing few minutes into the program, which meant I was at liberty to leave for Ho but opted to stay to see the end of it all. Well, to cut a long story short, the launch came to an end as late us 6:30pm. But one thing that caught my attention is the enthusiasm showed by the people of Agotime, a thing lacking at the many of the events I have attended.

The people of Agotime, foretold what is in the basket for this year’s Agbamevorza come October. Indeed, my itchy eyes were served, my curiously heightened and I can’t just wait for the main events to unfold in October.

Come to join me on the ride to Agotime Kpetoe from October 14th to 21st as the Agotime people tell their story in the most fashionable way. Let’s go and catch a glimpse of the thousands of the Americans, English, Philippines and the French from Paris (tourist) who will be at Kpetoe for the 2018 Agbamevorza.

Story by: Abdul-Iddrisu Faisel | Reporter Awake News | 0542509583| elninothekid76@gmail.com

About Abdul-.Iddrisu Faisel

Abdul-Iddrisu Faisel, is a former student of St. Paul's Senior High School in the Volta region. Faisel holds a Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Governance Studies at the Evangelical Presbyterian University, Ho. Faisel has four years experience in both the broadcast and print media. Faisel is the Reporter for Awake News. Connect with him faisel@awakenewsonline.com

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