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Adwoa Sarfo lied terribly; sack her – Stephen Anti to Nana Addo

Sarah Adwoa Sarfo

TV and Radio personality, Mr. Stephen Anti has urged President Akofu-Addo to show his Minister of State in charge of Procurement at the presidency, Hon. Sarah Adwoa Sarfo the exit.

According to Mr. Anti’s post on his facebook wall, Adwoa Sarfo ‘lied terribly’ in her claims that she personally lobbied the World Bank to construct a community day school built in her constituency, Dome-Kwabenya during President Mahama’s administration.

Mr. Anti noted that ‘a liar’ of this nature at procurement office is a threat to national security and must be sacked.

Its official. Adwoa Sarfo lied. She lied terribly! A liar at Procurement is a national security threat. #sackAdwoaSarfo

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) lawmaker in a short video, claimed that the school built in her constituency was her personal  initiative. According to her, all the other similar schools built across the country by the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) government were built in only their strongholds. She intimated that it is only her constituency which is an NPP’s stronghold that had its share of the national cake because she personally lobbied World Bank.

However, the World Bank Ghana has dismissed Ms. Sarfo’s claims starting clearly that the bank does not deal with individual on national development projects rather government.

Mr. Anti in his earlier responds to Ms. Sarfo’s claims wrote:

Why is everyone bashing Adwoa Sarfo? . She spoke twi ( which sometimes is difficult to use as a working language if English has been your formal working language all your life.

1. She explained the role of the MP ( in this instance herself) in successfully aiding through direct lobbying with donors in order to get the Day school complex in her community completed. That’s not a bad thing anaa?

2. She explained further that the school is on record to be the only one in an NPP stronghold as all the schools constructed during the Mahama NDC tenure, were “comfortably” in NDC strongholds. I don’t know how true.

3. She capped her rhetoric by saying people shouldn’t necessarily think because the school was constructed during the NDC all the credit must go to them alone. So what was her role exactly?

That’s how I understood the short video I watched on JoyNews Facebook.

I think as a political strategy if the NDC is “going to the market” with her comments, branding them as complete lies, it is fair to dispute her commentary with facts. Undisputable facts.

Otherwise I think it’s kind of waste of valuable time focusing on the smallest fish in the pool.

So if I were a political strategist for NDC I will not focus on taunts but get excerpts of the detailed negotiations leading to the winning of the funds to construct the school.

If I were an NPP strategist I will just advise the NPP to keep mute. This “twi – English” challenge will pass. But I will advise those who want to communicate to do so in a language they are comfortable debating in.

One thing is clear, the Spectators are watching and they are citizens too.

Ghanaians won’t just swallow anything because the MP said it

If u can’t defend don’t say it. Simple as that

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Efo Korsi Senyo

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