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January, 2017

  • 23 January

    Photo Discretion: South Africa And Lesbianism, Two Ladies Caught Kissing

    Two young South Africans ladies were caught in the act of lesbianism where they were seriously kissing and smooching each other. The damsels who were living their fundamental human right according to the South African law cannot be prosecuted and harmed. See photos below, adult discretions observed.   Source: www.FrederickNoamesi.com

November, 2016

  • 13 November

    8 things that happen to you when you stop having sex

    Here are some of the effects of lacking sex that most people don’t know about Dry spells – lack of sex – is something that almost every human can relate to.But do you know what is happening to your body when you’re in one of those long dry spells?Many don’t have an idea. Here is a clue according to research …

October, 2016

  • 31 October

    Is NDC’s Natural Kalyppo More Healthier?

    Can you bet Kalyppo over coconut water? No way! The National Democratic Congress (NDC) house to house campaign in the Madina Constituency lead by Lawyer Sosu and team took off on Sunday 30th October.  Some of the areas visited include Oyarifa, Damfa, Teiman, Madina market among others. On the campaign trip, we spotted the team with some natural Kalyppo drink …

  • 5 October

    John Dumelo states 17 healthy tips for your wife

    Actor and Entrepreneur, John Dumelo has early this year offered some free tutorial on how men should treat their women or wives. In a post headlined ‘My view on how to treat women’ on his Facebook page, John outlined 17 solid relationship tips which are very useful. The number 7 on the list is what most husbands simply need. Find out …

February, 2016

  • 1 February

    Why You Must Always Have Morning Sex

    Morning sex has been recorded since human history as one of the most special and intimate moments a married couple could ever have…considering the physical, mental and even spiritual benefits, you may want to find out the great secrets involved with the main reason(s) why you should weigh the mornings into your sex life as a couple. 1. Morning Sex …

January, 2016

  • 27 January

    How to Have Good Manners

    Manners are an important thing to learn. Having good manners means acting in a manner that is socially acceptable and respectful. Excellent manners can help you to have better relationships with people you know, and those you will meet.Some steps to take in an effort to develop good manners would be to familiarize yourself with basic etiquette such as dining …

  • 25 January

    INTER-Course: Behind the Scene!

    On the course of studying the Universe, Nature and Human i came across this wonderful piece about “SEX”, for some it’s the one thing that drives the mind ‘Wild!’ and not many had paused, thought or studied perhaps what goes on behind the magical moment of Sexual Intercourse. The next time you are in the mood (most especially the woman) …