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Invincible Forces snubs President Nana Addo

Good afternoon fellow Ghanaians. The Holy Bible teaches us to live at peace with one another. This is captured in Romans 12:18 “If it is possible,as far as it depends on you,live at peace with everyone” Peace could be defined as the state of being free from any kind of human conflict and violence. It is a fact based on …

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IMANI report on ACILA roundtable discussion on African leaders and the ICC

he African Centre for International Law & Accountability hosted a roundtable discussion (RTD) on 8 March 2017 to discuss the African leaders’ strategy for the collective withdrawal from the ICC and the implications for justice for the victims of international crimes. The panelists of the RTD comprised of Honourable Andrew Mercer, MP for Sekondi and a member of the committee …

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Good morning fellow Ghananains. Our beloved nation we all know in recent times has suffered set backs with several reported death cases almost each passing day. The unfortunate incident involving students from the Wenchi Methodist Senior High School and the University of Energy and Natural Resources who lost their lives when a tree along the banks of the waterfall came …

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Building Digital and Financial World Consumers Can Trust

By CUTS Ghana It is an undeniable fact that increased regulatory reforms, more open global markets, the advancement in new technologies, and growth of services have brought far-reaching benefits to consumers. However, these recent developments have bestowed a lot of challenges to consumers. The challenges stem from the fact that the current marketplace suffers from information asymmetry and preponderance towards …

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110 Ministers: ‘NPP gov’t is turning out to be useless’

LISTENERS’ CHOICE Kikikikikiki, folks, I’m not financially fluent at all of late; but I just dialed 110, and do you know the response I got? “Congratulations you are now a deputy minister.” Jokes aside, the NPP government is turning out to be exactly what some of us expected it to be: useless. The 110 ministerial appointments is not only morally …

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Something interesting happened yesterday. Whilst playing tennis, at a point I ran out of breath, then I spotted a dude on bicycle selling Fan Yoghurt, somehow water was no longer enough for me so I beckoned the Yoghurt seller for some treat. When he came to me, he looked so lost in thought and worried, I observed, so I asked …

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By Mathias Tulasi Good morning fellow Ghanaians. Psalms 102:1-2 reads Hear my prayer, O LORD, And let my cry come unto thee. Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; Incline thine ear unto me:In the day when I call answer me speedily. It is clearly depicting each passing day that we are indeed …

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Patriotism: The Highest Qualification for National Leadership

By Martin K. N. Kollie In most of Africa of which Liberia is of no exception, education is most probably considered as the leading qualification for national leadership. Overtime, this mentality has proven false and futile. In some countries, even the most educated or academically qualified have failed miserably and performed dismally. Liberia is a perfect case to reference under …

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It used to be a general notion among the civilian populace that the Ghanaian police officer doesn’t speak good English. It is even believed that he doesn’t understand it so if he arrests you particularly on motor traffic offence, just speak English only if you are educated and you will have your way. Truly, many educated people escaped the hooks …

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