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When Misleading Information Is Used To Correct Another Misleading One: The Case Of Iddi-Mukayu Deen And His Group

I read with in-depth and dismay a press statement captioned “press statement from the concerned youth of Northern Volta on the decision by the Akufo-Addo Government to split the Volta Region (08/02/2017)”. It was release that sort to pledge its support to the government of Akufo-Addo to create a new region out of the current Volta as against the protest …

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People hurt people! It is a fact that we all get disappointed by people and also get to disappoint people. When there is disappointment, there is hurt. Getting disappointed is quite a normal occurrence here on earth . People hurt people. No one actually likes or hopes to be disappointed, but we get disappointed anyway. We may not have control …

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An Open Letter to H.E Nana Addo on “FREE SHS”

Alhaji Bello writes……. Dear Mr President, Your readiness to implement your policies stated in your manifesto isn’t questionable and doubtable. I know you are ever ready to walk your talk and bare it in mind that you have have no moral right to disappoint the masses that endorsed you during the 2016 elections. Indeed, FREE SHS was very key in …

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After 59 long years of independence, Ghana still remains in a dilemma of developmental deficiency; a contagious disease our leaders inherited from birth, and a cure that can only take its source from the celestial city. Our leaders thrive in fat salaries with a mental illness of, “my family and I “. A call to serve has now become a …

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Iddi Muhayu-Deen writes… Some people call it indiscretion, others call it misappropriation or corruption, but I call it daylight robbery. It is about time we stopped romanticizing with words when describing acts of thievery perpetuated by our politicians. We must learn to call a spade a spade regardless of who is involved. How on earth can any sane person seek to …

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Bawumia has become a sleeping “dog” at the Flagstaff House

Credible information coming out of the Flagstaff House has it that Snr. Minister, Osarfo-Marfo, is on a very serious collision course with Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, for speaking about the Heritage Fund without the express permission of the Economic Management Team which is supposed to be headed by the Vice President. Apparently, Bawumia knew nothing about the proposed use of …

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Dr. Nyarkotey Writes to H.E Rebecca Akuffo-Addo for her role as Cancer

Her Excellency, Congratulations for the acceptance of the role as cancer ambassador specifically childhood cancers!  I was very excited to read this news via First Lady cuts sod for “cancer children hostel”ghana-news.adomonline.com/news/…/photos-first-lady-cuts-sod-for.php. I realized this as a major breakthrough in fulfilment of the government Manifesto which seeks to recognize cancers as a national challenge.  According to the NPP Manifesto chapter …

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West Papua – the forgotten people

Papuans are among the most vulnerable members of the human race, some whose only encounter with “foreigners” has been marked with violence, oppression and hatred. As a Jew living in the UK, I have always been frustrated but also curious as to this country’s disproportionate treatment and coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict. My moment of “enlightenment” was during the civil …

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