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REMINISCING: Is Prophet Badu Kobi’s 2017 prophecies coming to pass?

By: Anthony Obeng Afrane

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kubi

For the thousands of Christians who thronged the church auditorium of the Glorious Wave Church International, for the Crossover service, and the millions who monitored the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), 2017 will be a remarkable year of ‘Progress if they allow God to be part of their lives.

That is the declaration from Ghanaian popular man of God and philanthropist, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi,the head pastor and General Overseer of the church at his annual crossover watch night.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, one of the most popular prophets in the

continent of Africa, also delivered some power-packed prophetic declarations for the new year 2017, particularly focused towards his home country Ghana, Nigeria and the United States of America.

Below are the list of prophetic declarations;

1. The truth about U.S. presidential elections will be out within 4 months
2. The truth about Ghana presidential elections will be revealed this year
3. I see frequent fire outbreak all over Ghana. They should watch out
4. I see death on the increase
5. Children death will be on the increase
6. A chosen few will receive blessings so large they can hardly contain them
7. Many businesses will collapse
8. The incoming U.S President Donald Trump will face constant demonstrations
9. Things to get tougher in Ghana
10. I see fuel price rising and the masses helpless over it.
11. I see the return of ‘Dumsor’ (persistent, irregular and unpredictable electric power outages) coming back in Ghana
12. Many NDC politicians will go to jail in 2017
13. Cocaine business will rise in Ghana
14. Foreign interference in internal affairs of Ghana, mostly by the American and Britain
15. Nigeria to have a new National Carrier, (an airplane that has Nigeria’s logo)
16. Most banks in Ghana will be hacked
17. 2017 will be a year full of disappointment for the wicked
18. It will be a year full of disgrace, but the chosen ones will be exempted
19. It’s a year full of regrets for many
20. Salaries will be reviewed in Ghana and it will affect many, negatively
21. The issue of Boko haram is not over in Nigeria, it will escalate in 2017
22. Terrorism will be on the increase
23. So many labour agitations in Ghana
24. I see the death of prominent pastors
25. We should pray for Prophet TB Joshua
26. President Buhari will be in and out of hospitals
27. Nigerian must pray
28. Ghana should pray for the health of the incoming leader
29. I see President Jacob Zuma facing a hard time, he could be removed
30. Nigeria economy will go down, even more
31. Banks worldwide will go down
32. President Buhari is about to mourn
33. Ghana will face telecommunications crisis
34. Nigeria will be ungovernable in 2017
35. There will be infighting within the New government in Ghana
36. Nigeria’s PDP and the ruling APC will both experience break up in 2017
37. Africa will experience removal of presidents
38. Ghana’s NDC will experience in-fighting within the party
39. I see Ghanaian football fans shed tears over black stars
40. Many footballers will die, worldwide
41. 2017 is a year for Christians to flourish and prosper.

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