Mathias Tulasi

Good morning fellow Ghanaians.

I believe the realities are now dawning on all those who were deceived to vote for this current government in the last general election.

The deceitful nature of this current government is very very worrying and disappointing large majority of Ghanaian youths who voted with high expectations especially on issues regarding jobs and good living.

It is also sad to note that, this government will not allow the soul of the first President of this country Dr.Kwame Nkrumah to rest in peace but

are rather mischievously trying to rewrite a history for this country that sweets them. This is a very bad precedence and must be condemned by all.

It worries my imagination, in such instances one will not hear our Peace Council coming out to make a statement but they will only mostly have their voices heard selectively on issues that seeks to pursue and promote an agenda so to speak.

Selective retention and selective justice is not a good attitude and must not be given a place in our Ghanaian society.

I will like to this cease this opportune moment,to congratulate the national leadership of NDC especially Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia and Mr.Koku Anyidoho for their great efforts behind the scenes that,has seen to the giving birth of the party’s long awaited school.We must be grateful to God for how far He has brought us as a party.

I must therefore,be quick to add that, NDC has its base at the grassroots so all measures must be put in place to make sure the grassroot largely also benefit from the purpose behind the establishment of this school which will be launched tomorrow at the party’s headquarters.

It is therefore, my fervent prayer and hope that, this school will go a long way to serve as a means of training and equipping party members with analytical and research skills which will in turn help the party greatly in the 2020 general elections.

The continuous misbehaviour of some of our party stalwarts in the media after our surprising defeat in the 2016 has been worrying.

It is very surprising,some of our senior comrades have behaved as if as a party we have not lost an election before.In teaching there is something called “Relevant Previous Knowledge” so are our senior comrades trying to tell us they don’t have election lost previous knowledge? I know they do a lot so why then, today this and tomorrow that? It is highly annoying.

As a party our constitution is very clear on how we must all conduct ourselves as members but why is it that, some of our senior comrades whom should know better are not doing so but had resorted to pursuing their personal,group ect interests at the detriment of the bigger picture the party’s interest which must be supreme? l humbly need answers!

So if the elders who are protect the values of the party are not even respecting the very constitution they drafted and adopted, do they expect new members joining and the rest of the party members to respect the party’s constitution?

It very funny, we are mostly good at punishing members for violating party rules and regulations but are highly afraid to tackle the senior comrades who are destroying the party with their utterances each passing day under the disguise of speaking their mind which violates the code of conduct of members as enshrined in the party’s constitution under Article 39. What kind of injustice is this?

Our senior comrades must therefore, make it a sacred duty to respect their fellow senior comrades if indeed they believe in the progress and unity of the party.

Respect must be accorded all and not some from the bottom to the top. The current unfairness within the party is shameful and destructive.Some can talk to others any how but others cannot talk to them any how. It is true our culture frowns on young people insulting an elderly but then the super book the Holy Bible teaches us that, we should train up a child the way he should go and if he is old he will not depart from it as captured in Proverbs 22:6

So what training are giving our party members with our actions and inactions?

Yes, it is a fact we have lost an election,but is that the end of life? Must we plot to destroy one another because of that? Must our individual preferences and interest supersedes that of the party? Is the party no longer for all of us again? Is it not all of us that must work together to recapture power come 2020? Do we want to destroy the party?Do we think about the grassroot at all? Are we grateful to the very party that made us in one way or the other?Have we so quickly forgotten our past? l be glad getting answer to all these questions.

The stalwarts,who are causing problems for the party after our defeat and making our support base at the grassroot very worried anytime they hear them in the media landscape making unpalatable statements should just understand that,the NDC they are trying to destroy today had made them all and any attempt to destroy it will amount to a pure sign of ungratefulness.

It is becoming clearer, there are calculated attempts by some kingpins within the party as a grand scheme to deep the NDC in opposition for a long time. It is a shame and very ungrateful on their part. Do those people have the grassroot at heart at all?

Our party must return to power come 2020 in order to put a smile on the faces of Ghanaians who are currently disappointed beyond measure under this deceitful HE Nana Addo led government.

I must say that, if it is because of who will lead us come 2020 as a party that is why we are trying to destroy one another for our parochial political interest then l think we are joking as a party.

The race will be opened to all those in good standing within the party to contest after which anybody elected as the flag bearer we will all rely behind in order to recapture power from this current 419 government.

The work for victory are usually done by the grassroots who mostly do not benefit anything when the party comes into power but then,they are not doing anything to destroy the party unlike those the party had made in one way or the other but yet still want to destroy it. lt is shameful!

In as much as some of us may not be happy with Dr Valerie Sawyer’s latest article in which she expressed some displeasure about the Founder of the party Papa J and Mr Marin Amidu.

I will like to respectfully let Dr Valerie Sawyer to understand that, our founder Papa J must be always respected by all and sundry within the party. He is a tower and a fountain of knowledge within the party. He is a father to all of us in the party.

The rank and file of the party must see him as a key factor in efforts to reorganize the party for our possible come back to power.

The founder on the other hand, must also respectfully in turn look at some of his utterances and make sure all his utterances protect the interest of the party he founded.

A lot of our members at the grassroots love him so much and will continue to do so but then in all honesty they are not very happy at times with some of his utterances that seeks to attack personalities within his own party for a while now.

As for Mr Martin Amidu, l think the party must take legal action against him concerning the allegation he levelled against it and the EC Chairperson. He has been entertained for far too long. Let us call a spade a spade and apply the constitution of the party as done in the past.

This current government is disappointing Ghanaians big time and instead of us to put our house in order we here just interested in destroying one another.

Let us all change our mindset towards our fellow comrades.

A word to the wise is enough! Those senior comrades must remain grateful to the party. The had made them all so it is their time they protect it.

Let us rather be prepared to assiduously work together in order to change the change come 2020.

Thank You.

Mathias Tulasi

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