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High School Graduates Advised To Shun Immoral Behaviors

The paramount Queen Mother of Kuan-Akyode Traditional area in Nkwanta South District of the Volta Region, Nana Borfule Ogukye II, has advised senior High School graduates to shun immoral behavior and give respect to parents, and be more discipline in every area of field they will find themselves.

Nana Borfule, was pitied on how students who pass out from school engages themselves in asexual activities, drinking, smoking and some immoral life after parents struggled to pay their fees when in school.

She said,finishing or completing Senior High School is just a step in life

and must be focused. whatever that h been thought in school implement useful and be also fit into the society and mother Ghana.

Nana Borfule said, parents must also guide their wards and frain them from going to funerals and other unnecessary programs to avoid preliminary marriages and indecent behaviors in any area or field as they may find themselves.

She spoke in the local language:

Source: Obrempong Ba K. Owusu

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