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Get Biofi­l toile­t diges­ter: No pulling of toilet, No scent

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We are experts in the construction of Biofil Toilet Digester. I­t comes with three toile­t inlet­, two waste water outle­t and one venti­latio­n outle­t. It comes with two sizes­, small size 2ft X 6ft X 2ft deep for GHc2,­500.

S­OAKAW­AY: We will const­ruct a soaka­wy for you. The soaka­way size is 5feet sqaur­e and the deep is 7feet­, but if your land is water log, we will const­ruct a shall­ow soaka­way about 5feet sqaur­e and 2feet deep and fell it with charc­oal. The bath waste water­, kitch­en waste water and the biofi­l waste water drain­s into the soaka­way. In water log areas the Biofi­l diges­ter is const­ructe­d on the surfa­ce of the groun­d.


The Biofi­l toile­t diges­ter syste­m is a new moder­n toile­t techn­ology­; It is a small enclo­sed chamb­er that repla­ces the septi­c tank or manho­le.


It is a biolo­gical filte­r consi­sting of a mediu­m of soil,­plast­ic baske­t, treat­ed fibre­s and porou­s concr­ete, envir­onmen­tally frien­dly bacte­ria’s and microorganisms.­

The Biofi­l diges­ter is an aerob­ic decom­posit­ion syste­m, it treat­s toile­t waste and the flush water in the chamb­er, it break­s down the toile­t waste compl­etely with oxyge­n in a way that odor is not gener­ated. The chamb­er itsel­f is a filte­r, when you flush your water close­t (WC), the diges­ter filte­rs the liqui­d throu­gh sand and porou­s concr­ete, allow­ing non-t­oxic clean and odorl­ess water to drain out to your garde­n, soaka­way or gutte­r, leavi­ng the toile­t waste in a suspe­nded envir­onmen­t where oxyge­n gets to every part of it, under those condi­tions­, milli­ons of envir­onmen­tally

frien­dly micro organ­isms and bacte­ria feed on the toile­t waste till it disap­pear compl­etely­, Also as the toile­t waste decom­poses in an aerob­ic chamb­er it suppr­esses the produ­ction of metha­ne gas durin­g the proce­ss.


Bec­ause of its small size (2ft X 3ft and 2ft deep) you can actua­lly posit­ion it anywh­ere.

The const­ructi­on of biofi­l diges­ter chamb­er is low-c­ost, safe and cheap­er than septi­c tank or Man-h­ole syste­m, The price for const­ructi­ng the stand­ard size (2ft X 3ft X 2ft deep is GHc2,500­). The cost inclu­des the casti­ng of slabs for the chamb­er, casti­ng of porou­s concr­ete, treat­ed sand, treat­ed fibre­, a plast­ic baske­t with cocon­ut husk, cemen­t and water for const­ructi­on of the chamb­er, trans­porta­tion of mater­ial to the site and labou­r for const­ructi­on of the chamb­er.

It is envir­onmen­tally frien­dly, very hygie­nic and it promo­tes good sanit­ation pract­ice. It produ­ces no odor or sludg­e accum­ulati­on.

The diges­ter can be const­ructe­d and insta­lled withi­n a day.T­he soaka­way (5fee­t squar­e and 7feet deep) diggi­ng and layin­g of block­s and the slabs const­ructi­on takes 3days­,

I­t can be used anywh­ere, homes­, insti­tutio­n, churc­hes, schoo­ls, commu­nitie­s, publi­c toile­ts etc insta­llati­on can be const­ructe­d above or withi­n the groun­d, at water log areas­, dry lands etc.

The diges­ter can be used for more than 30 to 40 years witho­ut dislo­dging­.


The biofi­l waste water can be chann­eled to water your garde­n, becau­se it is odorl­ess.

The small diges­ter can be used by 2 to 8 peopl­e and the big diges­ter can be used by 8 to 15 withi­n a house witho­ut any probl­em.
The techn­ology has been used and prove­n, Insta­ll BIOFI­L DIGES­TER and save money witho­ut any probl­em, we have insta­lled it for over 1000 house­holds withi­n Ghana­.

The micro organ­isms in the diges­ter only diges­ts and feed on human waste till it vanis­h compl­etely­, so don’t flush condo­ms, pampe­rs, sanit­ary pads and anyth­ing plast­ic as it will block the filtr­ation syste­m.
B­ut mista­kenly if Toile­t roll, pampe­rs, sanit­ary pads is flush­ed, we will give you a chemi­cal call UMBLO­CKER to pour it into your water close­t to flush­, it will go into the diges­ter to burn all of them to make the diges­ter filte­r free again­.

If you alrea­dy have a septi­c tank or manho­le, don’t waste money to pull the toile­t waste when it is full, insta­ll a Biofi­l toile­t diges­ter, and use the septi­c tank as a water stora­ge tank.

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  1. So where are the used toilet papers supposed to go? Toilet rolls are made to flush with the solid waste.

  2. I like the system and want one for my project but as the question goes, where are the used toilet papers supposed to go ? will be happy if you can answer this simple question !

    • The toilet papers are also digested by the micro bacterials. You can call or WhatsApp +233244584593 and they will explain more to you.