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AMECO Firewood Bus Saga: Principal suspended for 3months without salary

The Principal of the E.P College of Education at Amedzofe in the Volta Region, Rev. Sylvanus Tetteh, has been given three-months suspension by the Ministry of Education over the use the the college’s bus to carry firewood.

Rev. Sylvanus Tetteh who confirmed his suspension to Awake News, said, though he is yet to receive a letter to that effect, he heard about his suspension.

During the period, Rev. Tettey will also not receive his monthly salary. The Ministry of Education considers his action as negligence.

During Awake News’ an earlier interview with Rev. Tettey, when photos of the bus carry firewood went viral, he said,  his decision to use the bus to convey the firewood last year was to save an emergency situation.

According to him, the truck that was carrying the firewood broke down at a very dangerous location and had blocked the road for other users along the mountain.

“We only used the bus once when the kia truck that loaded the firewood got broken at the middle of the road along the mountain. If you have ever been to Amedzorfe before, you will agree with me the location is too dangerous. It broke down in the curve, a cliff area which is about 200 meters away from the Amedzorfe township. No car can come from behind and no car can come from the front” – He explained.

“Due to the nature of the situation, we have decided to use the bus aided by students” – he added

The apologetic principal emphasized that “how can I, at a normal situation allowed the bus to be used like that?. No please, it was an emergency situation and what we did was the last option to help us save the situation”

However, it appears his explanation did not go down well with the ministry of education hence his suspension.


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